Perros de agua del RabadánRabadán


The term Rabadán comes from Arabic. Its root- “Rabb-ad-dan”, means in this language “rams’ guide and owner”.

The first historical data, referring to rabbadan in the iberian half-island, appeared more or less at the end of the xiii, early the xiv, beginning with the arrival of the Arabs from Northern Africa; firstly on south coast and lately into Northern Spain. They brought this kind of dogs along (rabbadan) to use them as guides and rulers of male sheep’ herds.

Hence, the name of this breeding place. Probably, there is not another name historically, and traditionally more meaningfull to represent how keen people has been on bringing up these Spanish water dogs than this concept “rabbadan”.

In conclusion, rabbadan has two definitions:

  1. Main sheepdog, which takes care of all the herds in a flock.
  2. Sheepdog, which rules one or more herds and works on the commands of the main sheepdog.Adult specimens in our breeding place come from the best lines of bredding, guaranteeing great results in both, exhibitions and working.

    We, in Rabadán breeding place, assume as a personal challenge, bringing up balanced dogs, with regard to character, functionality, and anatomical structure.